Company Profile

SPLASH ISLAND is one of the leading WATER PARKS in the country. It is conveniently located at South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

The park was built by Proslide Technology Inc. of Canada. Proslide is the global leader in the water slide manufacturing and water park design and transformation. Proslide rides power the best, most successful and most recognized park in the world.

The Lifeguards of Splash Island was initially trained by Jeff Ellis & Associates; they are the best lifeguard training through International Lifeguard Training Program. Splash Island’s lifeguard training is continuously done by our experienced Senior Safety Officers with more than 20 years of experience.

The park is also a member of World Water Park Association.

Splash Island is now managed and operated by Global Gutz Parks Philippines, Inc. since summer of 2009. Global Gutz has maintained the park’s world class standard thru the years, ensuring safety and reliable operation of the park.



We are now open daily from 8AM – 6PM

We will also be open during the Holy Week including Good Friday.

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Water Park Guide to Fun & Safety

For your safety and comfort, please follow the guidelines. The management of Splash Island reserves the right to refuse admission and expel guests without refund for violation of the Park Rules & Regulations.


Strictly No SMOKING/VAPING in all slide and pool areas and at Camp Carambola. For the safety of all guests, ensure all cigarette butts are properly extinguished and disposed of in the ashtrays throughout the park


Strictly prohibited to be brought inside the park are the following: Alcohol, Deadly weapons, Drugs, Pets, Glass and Breakable Items, Food & Drinks (including water), Stereos & Two-Way Radios.


Persons whose actions are deemed unsafe or disruptive will be immediately accosted and escorted out of the premises. Persons who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs will be refused entry of the Park.


All guests are required to fall in line at all times. Those found line jumping will be immediately asked to leave the premises.


Proper swimwear must be worn while on the slides and attractions. Shirts and shorts except those with buttons, rivets, zippers and any other metal objects, may be worn over swimsuits. Aqua shoes may also be worn on the slides and attractions.